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Welcome to Craft Corner!! In an age where everything is machine made and mass produced, consumers are looking to craft stores for something more unique and personal. Everyone wants a unique specialty item made just for themselves or a loved one. Craft Corner can give you that. We provide a doorway between you and the many arts and crafts people are creating everyday.

Wooden Crafts
Crafts made from wood are especially popular today. Whether it’s a wooden toy, a woodcarving or a chest for the bedroom, wooden crafts are making a big comeback.

If you are someone who doesn’t have the time to make your own crafts or you simply don’t believe you are crafty, don’t despair! You can have someone else do the creating for you and even have a personal touch added to the project. You don’t need to know someone who makes crafts to get your hands on them anymore, Internet craft stores are but a click away.

Personalized Crafts
Crafts are really wonderful but they are even more special when personalized. A blanket with a name woven into the material, a wooden plaque with a special poem, or a basket put together especially for that special someone are all examples of how crafting can be personalized.

Craft Projects
Anyone can try their hand at making their own craft projects. All it takes is a little creativity and some patience and you can put together some wonderful pieces that will last a lifetime. There are all kinds of projects ideas for beginners, those with some experience and even some that are really challenging.

Gift Ideas
It doesn’t take much to go that extra mile for someone you really love and give them something from the heart. Here are some great gift ideas that you can keep in mind for the next occasion:

  • A painting made from an old photograph
  • Basket filled with favorite things
  • Baby blanket with a name engraving
  • Wooden plaque with a picture and poem
  • Wooden toys
  • Scrapbook made with old photos

Craft Corner not only offers people a place to display their work but it is a place where people can share their crafting ideas. Simply send your ideas to us and if accepted we will post them. We appreciate any comments or ideas you may have regarding the site as well. Send your comments to