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Starting your own craft center or home based business may be one of the greatest ventures you have ever embarked upon, however it may also be one of your worst nightmares if it is not done properly. Owning and operating a home business requires plenty of thought and planning.

It is not a simple matter of quitting your current job and getting started. This may be possible if you are living with Mom and Dad and have no current bills to pay for. But as it is for many people, there are bills to pay, food to place on tables and rent or mortgages to cover. It is not like it can not be done otherwise, but a little planning and preparing will always make matters a little easier to work with.

Before you start your home business, there are two questions you should ask yourself.

Where will you work?
Where you work from will depend entirely on the type of business you have chosen. Say, for example, if running a basket making service and use the Internet as your storefront, then you can operate your business from the kitchen table since your customers will never see your office. If you run an accounting service, where people come to see you, then you will absolutely need to have an office.

Any room in your house can be easily turned into an office or workshop, but it is best to choose a room that can be cut off from the rest of the house. You will want the office to be somewhat soundproof since you do not want your clients to hear your children arguing. Also you want it to have its own entrance. Having this type of office not only looks more professional but also gives you the feeling that you are "going to work".

Another important factor is to have a separate phone line. Not only will this prevent your children from answering with a goofy "hello", but it will also keep a teenager from tying up the line for hours at a time. A busy line can lead to lost clientele. One line is usually enough to run your phone, fax and Internet (high speed is recommend instead of dial up) if needed.

Will your business be full-time or part-time?
Unless you have a decent sized nest egg put away, starting full-time is not usually the recommended. Most home businesses start off part-time. Working part-time allows you to gain the experience needed and gives you extra time to take any necessary courses or classes you may need. In most cases, your business will dictate if and when you should turn to full-time.

Working part-time while keeping your regular job also has another major benefit. Most companies offer health insurance to their employees. If you are not covered, just one medical emergency can send you and your business headed for the bankruptcy line.