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Whether you knit, crochet or use another means for blanket making it’s no doubt that every blanket is made with love. Handmade blankets are not only pretty to look at but can be personalized to suit your taste.

If you are one of many who have had a special blanket made by a loved one then you realize how special hand made blankets can be. You may intend on handing it down to one of your own children eventually.

Personalized Blanket Ideas

  • Names and special dates can be embroidered onto the finished blanket to give it that special touch.
  • Colors or images can be chosen to match the tone of the room.

Something handmade always makes a wonderful gift because it is a gift with meaning behind it.

You can always make your own blanket by learning how to knit or crochet. The basic stitches are not very difficult. You can purchase a kit that will take you through the stitching, step by step.