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Home Business Ideas

Gift Baskets (click here for more information)
Gift baskets are totally unique to give as gifts and are adored by many. They can be filled with any assortment of items to suit any occasion. Some popular choices are cheeses and crackers, wines, toys, clothes and baby things. Birthdays, house warming and showers are just a few events where people often give gift baskets. Many companies also give gift baskets to their employees at company parties and events.

Photography/Scrapbooking (click here for more information)
There are many different opportunities in photography from weddings to children to animals, the possibities are endless. Here is a quick rundown: Newborn babies, at the hospital or when they come home; Weddings, Christenings or any other events; Sports photos, especially children's' sports; Pets, many people absolutely love their animals.

Engraving (click here for more information)
Engraving is a service that is used for either identification purposes or decoration. Many people want their tools or gadgets engraved with their names and many more want their names engraved on items such as mirrors or vases. From auto shops to weddings, you will find the market for this business is wide.

Calligraphy (click here for more information)
Calligraphy is admired my many when it is seen on invitations, place cards and anywhere else that beautiful penmanship is appreciated. Calligraphy requires a skilled hand or a knack for elegance.

Candles (click here for more information)
Candle making has become one of the most popular home based businesses today. Some people have home shops for people to visit, while others sell though shows, flea markets or malls.