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Basket Making is popular for seasonal gift giving such as Christmas and Easter but they also make wonderful gifts for any and all other occasions. Listed below you will find an example of how you can make baskets for important events.

Decide on a theme and color scheme for your basket. Make sure to coordinate the colors of lining, fillers and decoration together.

Basket Lining
You will need to line your basket to really give it that classy effect. It helps to keep items in the basket from rolling around and adds some contrast to the basket.

Tissue Paper - you could blend two colors together for a higher level of contrast. Spread a few pieces of tissue paper onto a flat surface and fold once into a triangle. Starting on the bottom of your basket lay out the long end and make a flap over the side of your basket with the pointed end. Take out a few more sheets of paper and do the same making the pointed end fold out from the other side of the basket.

If you’re working with two colors lay out two or more sheets of one color and lay down the second color and inch or so apart from the first so that the two colors show. Follow the same instructions as before for the rest. Keep in mind you can be as creative as you want. You can experiment with a few sheets of tissue and come up with a way of your own.

Fillers are used to keep everything in the basket from rolling around. You could use any type of material you like that could act as a buffer. Cotton, face cloths, mesh materials make great fillers.

You can decorate around your basket or base with flowers, ribbon or anything else that you can think of that might relate well with your theme.

Basket Wrapping
Wrap your basket up with clear plastic. Lay out one roll of plastic onto a flat surface, big enough that the plastic doesn’t bunch up. Place your basket in the center of the plastic and gather the sides upward until you can bunch sides together at the top of the basket. Use ribbon to tie the top spreading out the plastic there as well. You could use two different colors to add more flavour to your creation or use one and add a bow.

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