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Color is everything with a wedding basket. Use liners in gold, silver and white tones.

White netting can be bunched up and add a nice touch to your wedding basket. Simply cut a few square pieces and by gathering one up at a time, fill up empty spaces in your basket. Make sure they’re long enough to really accent the basket.

You could use material or dried flowers and leaves to decorate the surface area around the basket. Use the opening spaces between the basket to insert and twist wiring. Baby breaths can really add something special to the basket.

Basket Ingredient Ideas

  • Wine or Liqueur
  • Glasses to match
  • Candles
  • Painted and framed picture of the couple taken from a photo
  • Favourite treats such as chocolate or other candy
  • A CD with some romantic tunes
  • Massage Oil
  • His and Hers towels
  • Marriage handbook
  • Photo album to put wedding photos (you could even fill the book up yourself with pictures of the couple when they were young leading up to their marriage!)
  • Keepsake engraved with the couple’s names and the date of their wedding

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