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Over the last one hundred years, the face of business has changed dramatically. Aside from word of mouth, it used to be that print, radio and television and were the only other means of advertising. These means were slow and expensive. Today, we have the greatest form of advertising available, The Internet.

Advertising Online
There are a staggering number of businesses that have turned to the Internet for a piece of the action. It has come to the point where individuals and companies are no longer saying "what is your mailing address", but rather the more common term today is "what is your email address".

It has become imperative that everyone, no matter how small or big, must have a website. A solid presence on the Internet can be your biggest business asset. Without one, your home business stands to lose out on this worldwide phenomenon.

With any choice of business, you should have a website that revolves around your business. Unless you have a great understanding of building and marketing a website, then you would be best off to enlist the services of a professional web design company. You can find thousands of web designers on the Internet.

Be sure to compare prices, quality and services. You should find a company that can build, host and most importantly, help you with your decisions. You should be able to get a basic, great looking website, built and hosted for $500 to $1000. If we are also just starting out and money is tight, you should try to find a company that will accept monthly payments.

Remember, that a website can reach millions of people or it can reach a selected few. This is something that has to be determined before the website is built. You have to figure out if you are selling your services locally or worldwide. A house cleaning service in New York does not need to reach anyone in California, but an online bookstore can profit from anyone in the world, no matter its location.

Search Engine Optimization
If you trying to reach a broader audience, you should seriously consider hiring a search engine optimization company. This differs from a web design company as they will take your website and guarantee high traffic to your site. This service can also be found on the Internet and costs between $1500 to $4000.

A website is an absolute must for all businesses and if you need international traffic, then you absolutely need search engine optimization as well. Avoid using companies that claim they can do both for half the price. They usually do half a job as well. Let each specialist do their own specialty.