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Personalized Gift Giving Ideas


Personalized Gift Giving Ideas

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Whether you are crafty or not there are simple ways to personalize the way you give someone a gift. It is easy to walk into a store and pick out something for someone but it will really touch their heart if they feel you have gone the extra mile for them.

Personalized Gift Giving Ideas

  • Put together a basket filled with their favorite things
  • Instead of a card, write a letter telling them how they make you feel
  • Buy a frame that you make a recordable message on
  • Make a CD with all their favorite songs
  • Send a telegram
  • A locket with both your pictures in it

These are just some of the ways you can let someone know you were really thinking of them. No matter how big or small the gift, chances are it will go a long way.

Treasure Hunt
Children enjoy games so why not make gift giving into a game. Write a bunch of clues and send the child or adult on a hunt for their gift. One clue should lead to another until they get to the gift and soon everyone is laughing and having a good time.

Personalized gift giving can be fun for the giver because it allows you to use your imagination in ways you never realized and the recipient will feel the happiness of knowing they have been thought of in a real personal way.

A picture speaks a thousand words! Here is some personalized gift giving ideas using old and new photographs.

• Take a picture of you and your somebody special and get it enlarged and framed.

• Make a scrapbook using pictures that have been stored away; there is nothing like reminiscing over old memories.

• If you do not want to physically put together a scrapbook how about putting together a photo DVD to get the same results.

Whatever ideas you use we hope this page will have inspired you in finding the right gift for your somebody special.