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Coloring the Image
Once you have burned your pattern or picture onto the wood you will need to decide whether or not to color the image. You could leave it natural or you could color it in using oil based colored pencils.

Coloring Materials

  • Water colored pencils (can be blended by use of water on a soft brush)
  • Pastels
  • Prismacolor
  • Wax based oil colored pencils (goes on smoother giving you a great finish and adhere well to wood).

Residual Markings
When all the coloring has been applied you may be left with a few pencil strokes. You can blend the colors using a Q-tip or blending stub to blend colors which will hide any residual pencil markings.

Protective Covering
After coloring your wood apply two very thin coats of acrylic sealer to the wood to protect it.

You must use a finish if you are coloring in your project because the oils in the colors can cause “wax bloom.” This happens when the oil from the colored pencils rise to the surface and cause a waxy film.

Quality Brushes
Before applying the sealer a second time you may want to lightly sand the surface of the wood for a better finish. Do yourself a favor and invest in a good brush to apply the sealer. Using a foam brush or a cheap one give you a finish with obvious brush stroke lines that will ruin your project.

Do not use a true varnish, it has a yellow tint and can darken with age!

Displaying your Work
You can use a metal hanger about an inch wide with about five 'teeth' for hanging on a nail or use picture frame hanging wire.