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You don’t have to be an artist to create a wonderful picture onto your chosen material. Any pattern or picture can be transferred onto your surface with the use of graphite paper.

  • Graphite paper can easily be purchased at any arts and crafts store or office supply outlet.

Placing Down the Pattern
Tape down the design onto the wood surface and gently slide the graphite paper with the ink side facing the wood. Trace the image onto the wood and now you are ready to start burning!

Transferring the Image
Make sure to press enough to make transferring effective. When you are finished tracing the pattern lift the bottom tapes off of the wood and check to see if the picture is complete. If there are some empty areas simply re-apply the tape onto the wood and add to it.

The lighter the wood the better the image comes out. If you have decided to use a darker wood you will need to use Dress Maker’s carbon paper that will transfer a lighter color onto the wood to create a contrast. You can find this type of carbon paper in fabric stores. You can easily erase extra marks left by the transfer paper with the white eraser.

Beginner Project Selection
For beginner projects choose something relatively easy. Like any new craft you will have to take time to really get a feel for the tool and how to use the tips. If you choose something to difficult you may only discourage yourself from trying it again.

Pictures and Patterns

  • You can print out a picture or pattern from the computer
  • Use a picture from a greeting card
  • Use a digital camera to take a picture and then print it out