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Pyrography (Woodburning)


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Pyrography, known to many as woodburning, uses the heat from a tool or instrument to burn images or designs onto wood, leather or other materials. It has been an art form for as long as there have been men roaming about the earth. It can be documented as far as the cave days when men used the burnt ends of pieces of wood to draw illustrations on the walls of the caves they lived in.

The term pyrography was coined when burning on wood became a popular art form during the Victorian period. In this day and age artists use burning pens to create fine works of art that have become big sellers.

Just like other forms of illustration, woodburning requires patience and vision. What might have been just a piece of scrap wood can be transformed into a work of art. Woodburned crafts are so special because every piece is a hand made original.

Woodburning Techniques
The real skill is in the way you use the woodburning pen itself. There are many different types of points that can be used for detail work. Each point serves a different purpose. If you are interested in burning your own designs you should begin with something relatively easy. Remember it may look easy to do but it requires a lot of practice, patient, and skill! Here are some more techniques.

Woodburning Tool Tips

  • All purpose - This is the point that usually comes with the woodburning pen. It is good for adding deep, dark detail as well as shading.
  • Script Point - Used to create broader lines and softer detailing.
  • Shading Point - Subtle shading and gradation
  • Dot Point - Used for dot patterns or softer more delicate designs.

Also learn about how to add color to you work.

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