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Who doesn’t have a box or bag filled with old family photos just hidden away somewhere in the closet or on a shelf. These are family treasures and should be displayed for all to enjoy. But where do you start when you have hundreds of pictures to go through? Well, you could start by sectioning the pictures by dates or events.

If you are the type of person who writes dates on the backs of pictures than this task may be a little easier, however, do not be discouraged if you do not have a clue. Categorizing pictures can be done by event or occasion to make things a little easier. You might try putting all your Christmas pictures together and continue to group the others the same way and deal with one pile of pictures at a time.

Pictures can be cut to size - Many times there is too much background or pictures are not properly centered. By cutting them to a better size you can put better display the subject. Pictures that are different sizes and shapes can add a nice flavor to your scrapbook.

Adding Backgrounds - You can cut pieces of colored paper slightly larger than pictures to give it the border effect. Adding a border will accentuate each picture and make your scrapbook more colorful.

Adding Text - Writing a little something about each picture really personalizes a scrapbook. It adds a something more to the project that friends and family will really enjoy.

Drawing pictures - You can get the whole family involved by adding little signature drawings next to pictures. For example, if you have beach pictures, you could draw splashes of water or a beach ball on the page somewhere to personalize the project.

Scrapbooking can be a great way to encapsulate memories in many different ways. Don’t stick to just pictures, you could add in certificates, cards and any other types of memorabilia.

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