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There is something really special about a toy that was designed and personally hand crafted. Wooden toys such as planes, trains, rocking horses, dolls and, blocks are a part of the history of toy making that will never be forgotten. Collectors who seek vintage toys can pay a pretty penny for collective pieces

Today wood toys are still hand crafted by many who appreciate their beauty. If you are looking for wooden toys you will not find them in the big department stores as they are considered specialty items now and can be found in the smaller shops.

Collections usually start with memorabilia that has some type of personal impression on you. Maybe as a little boy, you were given your father’s old wooden toy train set and you have since collected other pieces. Whatever the interest you have in wooden toys it is probably certain that each piece in your collection has a story worth telling.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could travel the world and see the many interesting and wonderful hand made toys. What a collection you could have! Craft Corner can be a useful tool to get a closer look at the different toys made by the many cultures of the world.

As long as there are those who appreciate the intricate beauty and quality of hand crafted wooden toys there will be those who will build them!